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About Us

ARCED PHARMAS™ is proud to announce that after servicing the Canadian community for over 10 years, we are now able to provide our values, passion, and high standards to those in the USA and HK.

Our first wellness pharmacy was founded in 2010 when we acquired Vancouver’s historic Mark’s Plaza Pharmacy, established in 1960, during their 50th anniversary. Since conception, our mission and philosophy of care has revolved around personalized and customized health services to improve and create sustainable wellness. In addition, we strive to help our patients build a quality lifestyle catered to their needs. We take pride in providing education, guidance, and support to all our patients. ARCED PHARMAS™ applies vertical integration with telehealth, medical clinic services, pharmacy services, preventative health management consultations, holistic nutrition, medical supplies, and clinical assessments.

We exceed expectations in providing empathic, personalized, and compassionate care to the general population, seniors, disabled individuals, and to the marginalized members of the community of which we serve.

ARCED PHARMAS™ also owns and collaborates with medical clinics to provide our patients easy access to physicians, nurse practitioners, affordable clinical counselling and nutritionists while being integrated with our pharmacy for optimal care.

Our pharmacists are equipped to deliver the industry’s best practice standards of care to our patients because they are supported by a strong health care partner network and have access to health care resources and educational tools.

As a result, our patients experience peace of mind and satisfaction in knowing that their medication and supplements ships directly from our fully regulated and highly reputable Canadian pharmacy, dispensed by one of our expert trained, certified and licensed Canadian pharmacists. In addition, we are supported by experienced pharmacy assistants and certified natural product advisors who are here to answer your calls and provide optimal patient and customer care.

All health products are dispensed and shipped by our very own yYoung Medicine Mart, which is duly licensed in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada by the College of Pharmacists of BC (LICENCE NUMBER: 28328), and NOT dispensed by international pharmacies. Since we practice out of a brick-and-mortar store, feel free to visit and pick up your medications at the pharmacy yourself if you are in the area.

At ARCED PHARMAS™, we also believe in providing our patients with low-cost options for medications and health products they need to best manage their health. Name brand drugs can often be expensive, which is why we also provide generic medications and health products as an alternative. Generic medications have the same qualities and potency as their name brand counterparts, yet at a much lower and affordable price point. We are of the opinion that quality medications and healthcare products should be accessible to everyone without causing financial strain.

Give us a try and experience our exceptional patient centred care. We look forward to hearing from you!